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Identity Guard Reviews

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  • I Feel Safe

    When my sister left her purse on the bus, she did not panic. I asked her how she could not be going crazy. She said that Identity Guard keeps track of the safety of her credit cards and her financial good standing. That sounded good to me. I talked to the company representative and they were very helpful and in no hurry to close the sale. After some time, and research I decided to try their free trial. I was impressed and decided to buy this insurance. It gives me peace of mind. More...
    ampera87's Picture   ampera87    0 Comments   Comments
  • Just What I Was Looking for!

    I have been looking for a credit monitoring service and this is one of the companies I came across. When I saw how much more than simply credit monitoring they offered, I was hooked! I love that I can see my credit report and score with them and that they even go as far as to watch for any civil issues that come up under my name. They also keep an eye on my son's information which I love. I feel like I am completely protected with Identity Guard and could not ask for a better service than what I receive, especially for the cost! More...
    (Delivery Services)
    liquenicole's Picture   liquenicole    0 Comments   Comments
  • Identity Guard Helped Me Get Him!

    I started off with Identity Guard as part of a package with my cable provider. I sort of wondered if Iw as getting paranoid and wasting money. Then something happened, a suspicious activity report appeared. Long story short, turns out my daughter's ex-boyfriend stole my credit card number and was using it online to ship things. Horrible! Anyway, I was not only able to stop the charges, but that little creep got some jail time much to my satisfaction. We even got to see a shot of him on the news getting dragged out in cuffs. Identity Guard was worth every dang penny in my case. They did... More...
    (Credit Cards, Finance, Banks)
    anniespeaks's Picture   anniespeaks    0 Comments   Comments
  • Identity Guard- Worth Every Cent

    I have to say I have always been paranoid about identity theft since I had some sketchy incidents on a debit card I had used online about 10 years ago. I have looked into other similar services, but Identity Guard was the best I have found. Not only do they watch your credit, but offer insurance in the event that there is an issue with your credit while using their service. I love that it is so easy. I always know what is going on with my credit. On top of that, they offer a ton of extras with their service, which is awesome. More...
  • My computer was hacked

    I like to shop online. It saves gas and it saves time. I thought I had enough safety programs and anti-virus protection. Unfortunately, it seems like as soon as the experts deal with one kind of Mal-ware three more show up. It was probably one of those pop-up ads, but whatever it was, it did some damage to both my pocketbook and my computer. I was talking about it to my cousin about it, and she said that she has never has a problem with viruses and Mal-ward on her computer since she has had Identity Guard taking care of her online security issues. So, I called the company and talked to... More...
    (Online Shopping - Sponsored by AMAZON.COM)
    Louise53's Picture   Louise53    0 Comments   Comments
  • Identity Guard Protection for You and Your Family

    In looking over the website, I got the feeling that my privacy and security would be in good hands. I've been looking around at identity theft protection sites and making comparisons. The information at is complete and covers all the bases. It made sense to me and they go the extra mile to make sure that it does. Besides being easy to navigate, I learned important information to help me make an informed decision. You'll learn about the tools and services they have to offer, how to protect your computer from viruses and just exactly what... More...
    (Credit Cards, Finance, Banks)
    catt1917's Picture   catt1917    0 Comments   Comments
  • Excellent Resources and Services for Credit and ID Theft Monitering

    I first found out about Identity Guard when I heard about child identity theft being on the rise due to the wonderful tech world we live in. Being a super savvy wife and mother, I started searching for more information so I could make an educated decision on how to protect my family and more importantly my children's identity since they're golden when it comes to hackers/id thieves. This is when I found ID Guard; they have an amazing online resource center that talks about anything and everything related to ID theft and monitoring ones credit and ID. Ultimately, my husband and I... More...
    LeslieBarker's Picture   LeslieBarker    0 Comments   Comments

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